Foods that can cause serious harm to our body

Foods that can cause serious harm to our body

Did you know that there is something in our kitchen that we should all be aware of? The vegetables we eat every day have some toxic ingredients hidden in them if we can't use them properly. Many times using it for a long time can lead to death of people. So we have to be aware of all these things.

The first thing I will mention is the potato, the question may arise in your mind that there is something in the potato that harms us? If we pay close attention when buying potatoes or before cooking, we can notice the deadly harmful elements. If you look at the market, you can see that some potatoes have a greenish tinge, even if it has a peel on it, it has a green tinge. . Do you know the reason? This is because they are removed from the field before they are properly grown, and the ingredients they contain are harmful to our body. Try not to use such potatoes as much as you can. And if you have to use it alone, cut off a lot of it and cook it afterwards. In this case, it is best to look at the time of purchase when buying light from the market. If the color of the potato is green, then do not buy such potatoes.

It is often seen that the potato gets very old while it is in the shop, as a result of which the tree grows on the potato, it is very bad to go out. Don't try to eat it all the time and if you really need food, cut it off a lot and take only the inside part and then cook and eat it, but you must try not to eat such potatoes. Try to eat the potatoes before this happens. And if you have to eat alone, then try to cut it more and then eat. A lot of times it does a lot of damage to our body so try to refrain from eating this type of potato as much as possible.

Many times I notice that there are many people who love to eat raw tomatoes, many people eat raw tomatoes, curry and raw, no matter how many people eat, it can have a detrimental effect on your body if you eat too much. It also contains exactly the same ingredients that harm the body. So try to move it away as much as you can, eat red tomatoes instead if needed. However, eating green tomatoes is not only harmful, but it will be harmful when you eat too much. One thing I always say is that if you don't overeat in any thing, there will be no problem if you play in moderation. What you overeat will harm your body.

Many of us like to eat beans, it is a vegetable of choice for everyone, it contains fiber as well as protein. It is visually beneficial for our body. However, in this case, you must follow the rules. Do you know where the rule is? The rule is to boil the beans for 10 minutes before you cook. Then throw away the water and use that simta for cooking. Then there will be no harm. But if you mix it with curry and eat it without boiling, it will harm you. If you do not do this you will be harmed maybe you will not understand it in a day or two but slowly it will cause a fatal damage to your body. Cook it very consciously, it has a lot of nutrients, it has fiber, it has protein. There is no problem in eating it but you must cook consciously while cooking so you will not have any problem.

We all know that apple is a very beneficial fruit for all of us. Just like apple is a beneficial fruit for us, its beech is also very harmful for us. Apple beech contains hydrogen cyanide. It's not a problem to play a couple, it may go out with your stool, but if you eat a lot, it can be very scary. This means that if you cut the apple while cutting the apple, there will be no more problems.

Almost all of us like to eat kamaranga but if you eat too much of it and eat it on an empty stomach it will be much more harmful for you, but it will not be a problem if you follow the amount after the meal. In other words, you can't eat more, even if you eat a full stomach, it is a small amount.

There are a lot of unknown things that can't be said together. We should all follow all the rules. Then it will be possible to keep our body healthy. We never overeat. Nothing extra like dimensions is good. We need to understand that there are disadvantages to things that are beneficial. So we will all try to follow some of these rules. You must follow all the rules and regulations for your health. 

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