How you can take care of your baby.

 How you can take care of your baby.

The dream of every parent will be his child, they will have a very happy family, they will have a happy and peaceful family. Everyone wants it, but you don't have to run. You have to be much more aware. If you are not aware, you will not be able to live a healthy and strong life. For your well-being you must move consciously and in the right order.

We all know everything but understand everything but we are not careful at the right time. This lack of caution can lead to many big problems for us. And these problems gradually turn from small to big problems. You have to be much more aware from the beginning. Not only women but also men and women need to be aware of their own health.

After having a child, the responsibility of every parent increases many times. Because only one child grows up healthy and normal, proper mental development takes place for him. Raising a child from small to big is not an easy task. Having a child increases a lot of responsibility. Here are some tips on how to keep your baby healthy:

1: Many times we notice that at birth the baby is given something to eat honey or sweets or something like honey mixed with water, it can not be done. Do not let your baby drink water mixed with honey or water mixed with sugar immediately after birth.

2: It is often seen that the baby is bathed within a day or two of birth, it should not be done, do not bathe the baby for the first 3 days of birth.

3: One of the biggest faults of our society is that they force feed their baby too much, which can lead to indigestion, and can cause stomach problems in your baby, so never force feed your baby.

4: Never leave the baby alone in a high place. Accidents can happen at any time if you leave the baby alone in a high place, so never leave the baby alone in a high place.

5: Never use oil immediately after bathing the baby. In this case, dry the baby's body well first and then use the oil.

6: It is often seen that only a few months after the birth of the baby is fed anything other than breast milk. This can never be done. Do not let the baby eat anything other than breast milk for the first six months.

7: Do not feed in the feeder at night while sleeping, or use any benefit bottle. And of course try not to feed in plastic bottles, what can be your problem if you feed in plastic bottles.

8: In case of fever, do not cover with thick clothes or blankets. Covering with thick clothes or blankets can cause many problems. Many times such games can cause colds or pneumonia.

9: Do not stop eating if you have diarrhea or thin stools. You can use saline for dinner. And you must take the advice of a doctor

10: Do not cover the baby with extra clothes to keep him cool. In this case, you have to take care.

12: Newborns do not get measles for 28 days. In this case, you must be aware.

13: Do not urge the child to walk before the right time. Your child will definitely walk when the time is right. It is often seen that many parents force their child to walk long ago.

14: Never take sleeping pills for sleep disturbances due to shortness of breath. In this case, you should consult a doctor for shortness of breath. And you have to be aware.

15: Do not let the baby eat outside food, or food that has been refrigerated for a long time. In this case, your baby may have stomach problems or cold-related problems.

16: Eating banana fruits or other foods does not cause asthma. Do not eat fruits without washing them. Of course, you have to eat fruits clean and neat.

17: In case of cold, cough or fever, do not take necessary medicine without doctor's advice. Every medicine has its actions and reactions. Every doctor will understand which medicine is better for which disease. Therefore, never take medicine as you like, take medicine in consultation with your doctor.

18: Never force your baby not to eat. Do not show any fear, do not beat the child. This causes your child to be emotionally damaged. Never stress mentally.

19: Never smoke in front of the child, refrain from any kind of intoxication. In this case, your child will be harmed. As much damage will be done to your body, your child will be harmed. Hey, your child's desires may be aroused.

20: Do not watch any horrible movie about the child. This puts a lot of stress on your child, so refrain from watching horror movies about the child.

21: Don’t leave your baby alone in the kitchen or bathroom. If you keep these places behind your eyes, many big accidents can happen, so you must be careful.

Always keep in mind that your child will never neglect the future of your family and the future of the country. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Never neglect any duty.

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