What are the problems of keeping water in a plastic bottle?

 What are the problems of keeping water in a plastic bottle?

Water is another name for life, and where do we hold this water, our life? We keep it in plastic bottles, in almost every home we keep water in plastic bottles. Do we know? Is it healthy or unhealthy to keep water? Or how long can it be kept? Where should we hold the water? Today's discussion is with this information.

Most of the time we keep water in plastic bottles at home, there are some numbers in the plastic bottles we don't notice all the time. We go out every day without us, or we who go out to work every day, again many children carry water in plastic bottles, it is a very easy way to carry water. A lot of times we don't throw away that soft drink bottle after a soft drink, we keep it and we use it for months on end. But have we ever wondered if it is really healthy? Many times we make such mistakes knowingly. But everyone needs to learn from such mistakes, everyone should correct them.

Try to use something as an alternative to plastic, there are many things you can use instead of plastic, and if you have to use a plastic bottle, you must check the quality of that plastic, there are many bad plastics that are very harmful to our body, more or less. All plastics are harmful, but using good quality plastic bottles will greatly reduce your damage.

Before there was no use of plastic, people used glass bottles or steel bottles or jugs, otherwise water would have been kept in earthenware containers. We should go back to that time so that it does not have any negative effect on our health. If you put water in a steel jug and pour it into a steel mug, there are many benefits. Problems arise, in this case we can also get rid of the gas problem. All you have to do is get rid of plastic bottles and use steel bottles. There are many types of steel that you can conserve and eat. And the price of this steel item is not very high.

So start storing water in steel containers and drinking water in steel containers from now on. However, you must regularly clean the steel container, as well as fresh water regularly. Katrina drops a layer of iron in the water, causing gas problems.

In this case it is best if you can store water in a glass bottle, it is much better to drink water in a glass bottle. Although glass bottles aren't common everywhere now, and the price is a bit high, some of your daily use items will look like glassware, so you can wash them nicely without leaving them at the end of the day, and then use them to conserve water. Then your health will improve a lot.

Anything that is kept in a glass bottle does not lose its quality at all, and it is better if you can use an earthen bottle, but earthenware should not be used for more than six months, replace it when it is six months old. , Save again by purchasing new water.

Again in many cases it is seen that many people use copper products, many things are stored in tobacco products, many people also save water. Many times I see water in my bottle all night and I drink that water in the morning. It is also not bad for our body, but it is not right to go to copper and our body, in which case stomach problems may occur again. If you put water in a copper bottle, try to finish it in 24 hours. And if it is not finished, you must replace it with fresh water. Do not keep water in the bottle for more than 24 hours. If you leave water in a bottle and eat it after two or three days, it will do a lot of harm to your body.

Again many times it is seen that many people also keep water in ceramic bottles, it looks very beautiful, and it is good for your health. However, we should all clean these utensils regularly, as our hands are not so narrow that we cannot reach the bottom of the bottle, so we do not clean well, and many times we cannot clean properly even with a brush. Drinking water from this unclean bottle is good for our health. Too much is harmful, so the bottle should be cleaned properly. Do not call for water in the bottle as soon as it is cleaned. After cleaning, dry the bottle in the sun and then store the water again.

It is often seen that a lot of dirt accumulates near the mouth of the bottle and this place should be cleaned. If this joke is not cleaned, many times when we drink water, it can pass through our mouth into the body, which can lead to various stomach problems.

We feed the babies milk in these plastic bottles, hot milk is poured in plastic bottles and the babies are fed, as a result your babies are suffering a lot, so I would say make it a habit to feed in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.

Plastic can cause many kinds of damage in our country We have to be careful if we want to survive from this loss. And the above discussion is about what kind of precautions we can take. I hope everyone will try to comply with these. If you want to keep your body in good health, you must follow these rules. Not following the rules can cause a lot of damage to your body. So be careful not to hurt yourself.

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