What could be wrong with the cause of breast cancer?

What could be wrong with the cause of breast cancer?

Every human being wants to live a healthy and strong life, because if you are not healthy then there is no peace. None of our work is done properly. In order to keep everything in order, it is very important to stay healthy first. Many people do not get proper treatment despite having many kinds of problems, maybe sometimes they can't tell someone in the family due to shame and sometimes they don't want to say it for fear of spending money.

The subject I have chosen today is a matter of terror to all women in the world, and it is growing day by day. That is breast cancer. It is as much a matter of panic for the medical community as it is for women. Many women are very worried about it, and those who have symptoms of breast cancer and can not make a right decision. You can't share the matter with any family member because of shame. Many people can't consult a doctor because of shame, so it turns from a small problem to a much bigger problem.

Women get breast cancer because of some small mistakes of their own, I will tell you today what those mistakes are and what cannot be done.

The cause of everything is not found but the disease can be cured with a little care. Women can get rid of all kinds of diseases if some precautions are taken.

First of all, I would say that the bra that girls choose is not the right size. Maybe it's not big, maybe it's small. If the size of the bra is not right, but there are many big problems. If it is small in size, then the lymph nodes of the girls are damaged. If it is large in size then it does not sit properly and is damaged in another way. So first of all you need to choose the bra that women wear properly.

Not everything should always be judged by money, in which case we all have to be a little more careful. There are many women who fall asleep 24 hours a day. That's another scary thing to read when you go out to work, but you don't need to read when you sleep at night, so keep it open. At least listen to a little loose clothing at bedtime at night, so that everything is under control. But women are more likely to get breast cancer if they have it in 24 hours.

We should all be a little more aware of this, and mothers of girls who are just getting older should be made aware of this. At least at night, he should sleep in loose clothes.

Again, if women are always on top of the bra, you will see that there is a lot of sweating, this way the sweat and the place gets wet but it hurts the women-breasts. It is very important to be aware of this.

Women and men and almost everyone uses dividends, it is just as harmful for men as it is for women. Most deodorants contain parabens which can be another cause of breast cancer so use it as little as possible.

Better yet, if you put an essential oil in the water during the bath, the body will smell very good throughout the day. This will help keep you fresh throughout the day.

A lot of times we use room freshener at home, not only at home we also do it in the office and again we try to keep it in the car we go to. We think it will smell very nice, but you know it is also a cause of breast cancer. You must avoid them.

You can do one thing from it, when you are at home, throw a little cinnamon in hot water, then you will see that there are so many fragrances coming out of the house. Otherwise, if you keep the room fragrant, then the room freshener will not be needed.

We often heat food in plastic, but it is very harmful, and if you do it for a long time, it will have more harmful effects on your body. Maybe in the future you will see that it will also become a cause of breast cancer. So try to heat food in a glass object whenever you have to heat food.

Heating food in a plastic bowl will not only hurt you but also your family, you must be very careful because the disease is slowly increasing. It is increasing day by day due to various unconsciousness.

We use a lot more things like naphthalene, we put all our clothes with naphthalene, not only clothes but also blankets a lot of the time. But it also causes serious damage. If many people think that we use it because it catches insects, then we will tell them to wrap the neem leaves in the middle of the paper, because the neem leaves will help to protect a lot from insects.

Try to use these harmful things as little as possible. We have to raise our own awareness. I would tell every man and woman to be aware of themselves

Don't panic before any symptoms occur, share the matter with family members and contact a female doctor if this is not possible. You must seek medical attention for your health. Otherwise, this small problem of yours can gradually turn into a big problem. Therefore, you should share it with someone in the family or if it is not possible Seek proper treatment from a female doctor. With proper treatment, of course, you can recover.

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